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The "Days in Stages" feature, a core component of PocketKnife, revolutionizes how you track and manage the progress of your HubSpot deals and tickets. This innovative capability empowers you to seamlessly calculate the duration that a deal or ticket spends within a specific pipeline stage, enhancing your decision-making, insights, and workflow efficiency.


Key Functionality

  1. Precise Duration Computation: The "Days in Stages" feature meticulously calculates the exact number of days a deal or ticket remains in a designated pipeline stage. This accuracy offers valuable insights into the pacing and efficiency of your sales and support processes.

  2. Versatile Data Utilization: The calculated duration can be harnessed in various ways. You have the freedom to utilize this value for dynamic decision-making, gaining deeper insights, and creating tailored workflows that respond to the evolving needs of your business.

  3. Enhanced Workflow Insights: By incorporating the "Days in Stages" value into your workflows, you can automate actions triggered by specific duration thresholds. This facilitates proactive engagement and intervention, optimizing the progression of deals and tickets.

Use Cases:

  1. Performance Analysis: Leverage the "Days in Stages" feature to analyze the average time spent in different stages. This empowers you to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and enhance the overall efficiency of your pipeline.

  2. Timely Follow-ups: Set up automated notifications or tasks using the duration data. For instance, if a deal lingers in a stage for an extended period, initiate timely follow-ups to prevent potential delays.

  3. Deal Velocity Assessment: Incorporate the calculated duration in your reporting to evaluate the speed at which deals move through stages. This aids in predicting conversion rates and improving forecasting accuracy.

  4. Service Level Optimization: Utilize the feature for tickets to ensure that support tickets receive timely attention. Automated escalations or notifications can be triggered if tickets remain in a particular stage for an extended period.

  5. Engagement Tailoring: Customize engagement strategies based on the "Days in Stages" value. For instance, if a deal progresses rapidly, you might initiate advanced sales tactics, while slower-moving deals receive nurturing interactions.

  6. Workflow Automation: Create workflows that dynamically adjust based on the duration data. This can include escalating high-value deals that stagnate or sending targeted content to deals that quickly progress.

In essence, the "Days in Stages" feature in PocketKnife empowers you with actionable insights and enhanced workflow capabilities. By accurately calculating the time deals and tickets spend in specific pipeline stages, you gain the strategic advantage of informed decision-making and the ability to optimize your sales and support processes for greater efficiency and success.

Practical example: 

Create an automatic task reminder to follow up on contract signing

We want automatically create a task reminder to follow up the signing of a sent contract.

  1. Setup the feature Days in Stage in your PocketKnife app
    • add the pipeline and stage to Active pipelines and stages on which you want use the Days in Stage feature
    • in this usecase "Demo Sales Pipeline - Contract Sent"
    • the property [ls_days_in_stage] is automatically created in your HubSpot account with the setup
    • customize your deal card view with the property [ls_days_in_stage]

  2. Create a deal based workflow 
    • create the deal enrollment trigger
    • create a task
  3. Review and publish your workflow. Ready!