The "HubSpot Users" feature, a compact yet invaluable addition to PocketKnife, simplifies the process of accessing vital information about your HubSpot users. This feature prominently displays a comprehensive list of your HubSpot users, complete with their corresponding owner ID's. This seemingly small function holds immense practical value by swiftly providing crucial details that are instrumental for data import processes.


Practical example: 

Streamlined HubSpot User Information with the "HubSpot Users" Feature

This free feature addresses a common challenge that many HubSpot users encounter — retrieving owner ID's. Despite its seemingly minor nature, the owner ID plays a pivotal role, serving as a vital link between various data sets. By conveniently showcasing the owner ID's alongside user details, the "HubSpot Users" feature drastically reduces the time and effort required to gather this information manually.

Whether you're engaged in data import activities or simply seeking an efficient means to access owner ID's for diverse purposes within the HubSpot environment, the "HubSpot Users" feature within PocketKnife emerges as a valuable asset, exemplifying the optimization of functionality for enhanced user convenience.

No setup required. The subscription types will automatically appear in your PocketKnife app.